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Awning Windows are a lot like Casement Windows turned 90° sideways. The benefit of a Sierra Pacific Awning Window is that it can fit into wider spaces with less vertical wall space available, and look great when added above another window or door. Many homes these days are trading their smaller fixed windows for Awning window replacements.


The windows crank upwards instead of sideways, and feature the same multi-point locking system that our Casement Windows have.

Another advantage of Sierra Pacific Awning Windows is that they can be opened even during light weather. Who doesn’t love the smell of the rain? Now you can enjoy it without getting yourself or your home wet!


Simply crank out your Awning Windows and enjoy the weather.

Our Transcend H3 Awning window kits make window replacement a breeze. Learn more about the different types of Awning Windows below, and see the types for yourselves in the gallery on the right!

Clad Awning Windows

Wrapped in a durable aluminum cladding, this our AAMA metal finish is designed to protect the frame and sashes from hail, moisture, and other elements. Want a color that will match your home’s style? We’re positive we can get it.

All Wood Awning Windows

Trying to fit a more rustic look? Our All Wood Awning Windows are just what you’re searching for. Many trim, glazing, and finishes available with nine different wood species to choose from! CoreGuard Plus™ ensures the durability of the wood even in the elements, otherwise it wouldn’t be the best wood treatment available.

H3 Awning Windows

Aluminum- and vinyl-wrapped wood forms a tight seal that defends your home against rain, moisture, hail, and other elements. We’re proud to say that these are Sierra Pacific’s most energy efficient Awning Windows yet. Need a window replacement? Ask about our simple H3 Transcend Awning window inserts!

Vinyl Awning Windows

Many sizes and shapes available to match your existing home or fit the design of a new project, while meeting the budget! Our Sierra Pacific Vinyl Awning Windows have many of the features of the premium lines at a more affordable price.

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