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Casement Windows are more popular in Europe, but they’re sure to turn heads here in the states. Sierra Pacific Casement Windows are operated with a crank handle. Simply turn the handle and the window opens sideways, like a door would.


Our casement windows feature heavily protected 2-point locks, meaning only welcome guests can enter your home. Sash and window replacement is also a breeze!


Casement windows are extremely energy efficient because of their simplicity. There are far less moving parts than in a Double Hung Window, but each has their advantages. Casement Windows allow more fresh air into your home without blocking a view with the split of two Double Hung sashes. Lately, many homes are ordering Casement units as window replacements for Double Hung units.


Our Sierra Pacific Casement Windows are also as customizable as our Double Hung windows are. Often, grille patterns can be used when placing a Casement Window next to other Double Hung Windows to keep continuity.


Looking to change a window from a Double Hung to a Casement? Our window replacement experts are standing by. Learn more about the different types of Casement Windows below, and see the types for yourselves in the gallery on the right!

Clad Casement Windows

A durable aluminum cladding is wrapped around the sash and to protect from moisture, hail, and the elements. Many designs and colors available. We’re confident we can make a Sierra Pacific Clad Casement Window that perfectly matches your home.

All Wood Casement Windows

Our all wood Sierra Pacific Casement Windows are perfect for that rustic look you’re going for. With nine different wood species, many trim options, glazings, and finishes available, we guarantee you’ll get the style you want. To ensure the durability of the wood even in the elements, Sierra Pacific Windows uses the best wood treatment available: CoreGuard Plus™.

H3 Casement Windows

These windows use Fusion Technology™ to integrate vinyl and aluminum cladding for the ultimate protection of your wood windows. One of the most durable and easy-to-install windows on the market today. See these for yourself in our showroom! Need a window replacement? Ask about our easy H3 Transcend Casement window inserts!

Vinyl Double Hung Windows

Affordably priced options and features – but in vinyl! Whether you’re replacing your existing windows or installing new ones, vinyl could be the right idea at a low price. Available in many colors and styles because vinyl doesn’t have to look as inexpensive as it is.

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