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Double Hung windows are the most popular windows in the United States. They’re versatile, energy efficient, and still allow you to get a good view.


Double Hung windows are just as the name suggests – there are two different panes of glass fitted into two sashes, both of which can be moved up and down on a balance assembly.


Sierra Pacific Double Hung Windows are easily operated and tilted out for cleaning, maintenance, and window replacement. Simply unlock and slide up or down to enjoy some fresh air!

Need a double hung window replacement? Ask about our Transcend Double Hung sash kits! Curious what other Double Hung Windows we carry? Give us a call at (607) 353-8088 or stop in our showroom Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.

Learn more about the different types of Double Hung Windows below, and see the types for yourselves in the gallery on the right!

Clad Double Hung Windows

These wood windows are wrapped in a durable aluminum cladding to protect the frame and sashes from hail, moisture, and other elements. Cladding color is highly customizable – we’re positive there’s a color that will match your home’s style. Available in our easy window replacement Transcend sash kits!

All Wood Double Hung Windows

Want more of a rustic look? Our all wood Sierra Pacific Double Hung Windows are the perfect match! Choose from nine different wood species, with many trim, glazing, and finishes available. The best wood treatment available, CoreGuard Plus™, ensures the durability of the wood even in the elements. Also available in our Transcend sash kits, making window replacement easier than ever!

H3 Double Hung Windows

An innovative and design which wraps aluminum cladding and vinyl around the window for extra energy efficiency and durability. We’re confident that this is one of the most durable and inexpensive windows on the market today.

Vinyl Double Hung Windows

Get many of the same features and design options as the premium windows for a highly affordable price. Whether you’re replacing your existing windows or installing new ones, our Vinyl Double Hung Windows prove that high performance and quality don’t have to be high priced. Need vinyl window replacement? Look no further.

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