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If you thought Sierra Pacific’s Windows were special, wait until you see how beautiful and durable our exterior doors are. As with most of our premium Sierra Pacific Windows products, we sell All Wood Sliding Doors as well as Aluminum Clad Sliding Doors. The wood species, cladding color, size, glass patterns, and much more can all be customized to match your home’s style.

Our Sierra Pacific Sliding Exterior Doors are highly effective at protecting your home from the elements and aesthetically pleasing while doing so. A patio door is essentially a large opening in your home’s façade. That’s why Sierra Pacific Windows’ engineers worked to build one of the most efficient Sliding Door systems – an exterior door that lasts decades against weather and wear.

Learn more about the durability of Sliding Exterior Doors below, and see the different types of doors Sierra Pacific offers in the gallery on the right!

  • The most durable wood treatment available, CoreGuard Plus™

  • Highly efficient dual- or triple-pane Cardinal Glass with a new XL edge spacer

  • Hardware and weather strip system creates a tight seal to seal water and moisture out

  • Extra protection against damage and the elements with Aluminum Cladding

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