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Sliding Windows look very similar to a Double Hung Window that’s been rotated 90°, and that’s because they are very similar.


Two sashes lock in the center and slide left and right to allow maximum control over the amount of fresh air coming into your home. The slider system is slightly different from a vertical Balance Assembly on Double Hung Windows to allow for smoother horizontal sliding and easier locking. If the windows are large enough, they can be used for egress where needed.

Sierra Pacific Sliding Windows are especially durable due to their design. There really isn’t anywhere for water and moisture to collect on the outside of the frame or sash – it all just rolls off naturally. However, should you need a sash or window replacement, these are incredibly easy to change out.

Learn more about the different types of Sliding Windows below, and see the types for yourselves in the gallery on the right! Curious if you can trade out existing awning or stationary windows with sliding windows? Ask about our window replacement services!

Clad Sliding Window

Aluminum cladding is wrapped around wood treated with CoreGuard Plus™, the most durable wood treatment available. Need something to match your home or an existing plan? With so many sizes, colors, and styles available, you can’t go wrong with a Sierra Pacific Sliding Window.

H3 Sliding Window

Our patented Fusion Technology™ stands the test of time with wood wrapped in Aluminum Cladding and Vinyl. Incredibly quick and easy to install in many different sizes and styles, the H3 window is the clear choice for the longest lasting window on the market.

Vinyl Sliding Window

Get some of the benefits of the premium models for less of the cost! The vinyl mainframe on a Sierra Pacific Vinyl Sliding Window is guaranteed for up to 20 years with the limited warranty. Even Vinyl Windows are durable when Sierra Pacific Windows is making them! Need a vinyl sliding window replacement? Sierra Pacific Windows has just what you need.

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